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What’s Hot Today

More and more people are looking for functional and comfortable lingerie. As an extended part of the body, bras should feel light on skin without any restrictions. Worse, flashing red marks on skin after a long day in a bra. While push-up bras are still in demand, wireless options have seen much growth in sales in 2018 driven by younger customers.


The increase in active lifestyles has also contributed to the sales in nonrestrictive lingerie pieces as compared to the earlier years where women were more inclined towards looking sexy and seductive. The push-up feature is on a decline as compared to the styles that offer comfort and functionality.


The long established sexualized image of lingerie is taking a hit from the younger consumers. Wearing bra is still very much a personal affair where everyone who wears one feels differently. Consumers are shifting from the cleavage enhancing pieces to those that make them feel good about themselves.


The lingerie industry is set to grow to $59 billion market by 2024 from $38 billion in 2017, tastes change too. This change is bringing a whole new level of sexy to the industry. While being sexy isn’t limited to just having big boobs and perky butts, being comfortable and confident in one’s body is what being sexy is about.


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