for them girls

Unconventional Approach to Lingerie

The lingerie business has long been an industry that has been heavily sexualized where women have been brain washed into believing that there is a need to conform to unrealistic societal beauty standards set by lingerie brands.


In all ads we used to see, there was never once did we not want to look like the models. Curvy silhouette, perky boobs and hot asses; almost everyone had that thought. Being sexy was about wishing we could have that attention seeking photoshopped figure, which pretty much remained a wish.


Fast forward into 2019, there has been an outbreak in the industry on how consumers are buying lingerie. Wearing a bra used to be about accentuating the breasts, giving them much attention and pushing them as high as the bra can possibly support. Wires were a thing then but going wire free is the thing now.


This has been a year for liberation. It is completely unconventional and unique – and big brands did not see this coming. Women are letting themselves off the hook and are being themselves, not who the lingerie companies want them to be.


More and more consumers are becoming more comfortable being who they are. Wire free, practical, unrestrictive, i-don’t-care-what-people-say; these are now priorities when it comes to lingerie shopping. We don’t live in that fantasy anymore, welcome to 2019.