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This is how You can measure Her

This is how You can measure Her


This is the basic anatomy of a bra that you should know before shopping for one.

Now let’s get started with a soft tape.

This is the first measurement you would want to take. It is just underneath her bust line. Don’t go too tight on it; just make sure it’s nice and firm. Hold it parallel straight across her torso while she exhales.


You would then take the tape and measure the fullest part of her bust in her best fitting bra, make sure it’s not an ill fitted one. Make sure the tape is not too tight for comfort.


After getting this measurement, subtract the number you get with the band size. Every number is ONE cup.


As modern bras are more elastic, it is not really necessary to add inches to the measure. You could round it up to the next even number and I won’t encourage adding inches to band measurement because it is usually inaccurate and that’s something you want to avoid.


So assuming her bust measurement is a 33, you subtract that with the 32 you got earlier and she’s an A Cup!


So what happens if what you measure is not what she usually wears? Don’t worry, 85% of women wear the wrong bra size.


Here’s how you can be an expert.


The support comes from the BAND, not the straps. The straps only provide about 10% of the support and its main function is to keep the bra in place.


How can you tell if she has been wearing the wrong sizes?


Make sure the centre panel (the piece between the cups) touches the skin. Check and see if there are any bra imprints on her skin. A well fitted bra should, of course fit, not leave any marks on the skin when it’s removed.


These are some simple tips you can share with her.


  • If the band rides up high, it means the band size is too big.
  • If the band cuts into the skin creating marks over her bra area, the band is too small.
  • If there is any room between the cup and the bust, the cup is too big.
  • If there is any spillage or excessive skin from the cups, it only means the cup is too small.
  • Make sure her straps are well adjusted so they don’t cut into her skin. They don’t have to be of an equal length, just as long as she’s comfortable.