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The Bralette

The bralette has long been in the wardrobe, only that it has never been made a priority.


But why should it? It doesn’t push your breasts to make the perfect cleavage, neither does it support you with wires and don’t even get started on feeling as though you are even wearing anything on your skin.


And those are the reasons it is now becoming a hit among women.


Bralettes are two pieces of cloths stitched together offering little to no support, and they are flimsy with minimal padding. The innocent second choice is fast becoming popular for the comfort it provides and will at some point, have higher demand compared to the long reigning push up bra.


The bralette is taking the world by storm. Its promise of comfort that comes with style that is personal to every woman who wears one is the reason for its popularity.


Unlike traditional bras that come in complex sizes, bralettes are often in simple S,M and L sizes which could fit into just about everyone. This is the go to bra style especially for those who have disproportioned band and cup sizes.


Some say they feel naked with a bralette because they don’t feel anything on their skin. Perhaps, it is not for everyone. To decide if it is for you, the best thing to do is to try one.


DM us on our range of bralettes and you’ll be surprised by how you feel in one.