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The Industry Shakeup

Tired of how lingerie is depicted in the mass media, 2018 had seen the sales of Victoria’s Secret falling behind new start-ups like Third Love, Adore Me, Lively and Knix. Despite the struggle, Victoria’s Secret is still a behemoth in the undies industry.


The mega brand needs a makeover. It was built around the idea of selling sex and sexy, featuring models with sensual curves and long legs. The fact that Victoria’s Secret is still trying to sell sexy just isn’t working anymore.


Up-and-coming start-ups are more honest in their marketing. Women are seen shunning the stereotypical beauty standards of perfect curves and long legs. Gone are the days when women conformed to the unrealistic standards shown by the media, to only try to fit in the society labeled into certain criteria.


There has been a growing demand for lingerie brands that are more diverse in their styles and designs – beginning with the ones that fit perfectly without creating unrealistic body disproportions.


It’s not always about having big boobs and perky butts.


The year 2019 will see an increased demand for pieces that are more functional and practical without sacrificing style and beauty, yet staying true to oneself. Startups are changing the way lingerie is being worn and breathing new life to what sexy really means.


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My Boobs Bounce in Bralettes


One of our clients found it awkward when she wore a bralette for the first time. The fit was perfect when she tried it. It had the right support at the right areas. The only problem was that she didn’t feel good wearing them.


Like most ladies, she was obsessed with the elegance of a bralette but was skeptical about her boobs bouncing all over the place. Well, here’s the problem. Switching from an underwire full cup padded bra to a bralette feels incredibly uneasy at first. It’s as though you are not wearing anything at all!


She felt as though her boobs were left hanging without any support and they just bounced like there was a party in her undergarments. What she didn’t realize was the red marks left imprinted on her skin after decades of being restricted in hard underwire bras and tightened straps.


Being supported is different from being restricted and restricting your body in underwire and tight straps in decades can do some serious health damage.


Bralettes have a reputation of being lesser than a “real” bra – but what the heck?! They don’t have perfectly molded cups to hold your boobs but that doesn’t mean they don’t support. Bralettes are more casual than basic bras; they also fit your busts perfectly without any spillage, providing style, comfort and support.


Not only being less restrictive, bralettes are fashion icons themselves. Come in different styles, bralettes complement and coordinate with your outfit almost flawlessly.


A quality bralette gives you a flattering silhouette many women may have overlooked. Do you realize how many people have boobs looking odd because they don’t check themselves in the mirrors? You won’t fall victim to that wearing a bralette.


Let your body breathe sometimes – they don’t want to be chocked in underwires and tight straps. Wearing the right fit will make you feel a whole lot sexier and you will be amazed by how confident you actually feel about yourself.


Trust the experts!

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Break the Magician’s Code: The Lace Bra

The Lace Bra has and will never fail the definition of sexy.


This bra style is exaggeratedly seductive and flirtatious and a modest display of your intimate gives you the provocative yet mysterious look. Unless you’re maybe too shy, otherwise you will definitely want to flaunt your lace bra in style.


Showing too much of it can be gauche, so you really have to be mindful of how much you’re actually exposing.


In one of the earlier articles written about the importance of the center piece of the bra, there is more to it than just determining the right fit. If you know how to use it, it could well be an accessory.


These before and after images demonstrate the elegance and grace when you use the center gore properly. To be very honest, it gives you a refined and exquisite attitude.


Though some people choose to go bare at their plunging necklines, a little exposure of the bra does steal the limelight. See how a little exposure of the bra can change the entire appearance.


There is also an option of a bandeau lace tube and it’s perfectly OK. But then again, that’s really just playing it safe. After all, why not try something daring for once?


Here’s a classical photo of Diane Kruger and she was spicing it up in red hot lace in the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party!


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Flaunting Lingerie; when a Little means a Lot

It seems like more people are wearing loose tops that reveal what they are wearing underneath, although not much, but that little bit is definitely eye catching.


Gone are the days when lingerie is merely for support or just for boudoir purpose. It has come a long way that it is now part of the fashion you wear. While you don’t necessarily walk around in only your intimates, unless it’s sports bra, you could blend what you wear on the inside with what you wear on the outside for a classy finish.



Rising back band and tightly fitted straps; these makes the perfect recipe for an ill fitted bra. It is definitely a fashion disaster too. While you may want to show your bra, there are still ways to do it tastefully.


Summer 2011 spotted a rather new cleavage as it is called where the bra band is showing off big sleeves and armholes. This fashion is when girls wear tops with big armholes exposing the sides of their bras or sometimes they wear nothing at all, which draw unwanted attention.


Revealing the sides of the bras is actually very alluring and seductive when the pairing between top and bra is perfect.


Although it is only that little bit is exposed but it leaves a lot of room for imagination. This fashion catches the eyes and is very sexy so to say. You may not realize it, but this makes you beautiful and elegant.


While this style isn’t seen much anymore, but it certainly was the in thing during its peak.


Do these images bring back memories?


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Be Daringly Sexy

Perhaps global warming has gotten a little more serious that it is taking a toll on the fashion industry as well. Since spring/summer 2011, more and more people are seen parading the streets in clothes with less fabric. Although global warming is not to be blamed, sheer fashion is no doubt sexy as it honors lingerie in its most flirtatious manner.


Depending on the look you want and the style of the blouse, sheer tops work with most types of lingerie styles. Being almost transparent, the challenge is at finding the perfect harmony between the top and the lingerie to bring out the best of both pieces.



Spotting a bandeau is alright but watch out as it could also make you look flat and plain, pretty much without the sexy factor. This is still worth trying if you are uncomfortable showing off your unmentionables in public.



Sheer fashion does leave room for imagination and it can also make you look sensual and seductive, perfect for a sexy look.


However, if you choose to wear another layer of clothing beneath the sheer top (or you want to wear nothing at all) you can too but you can always be bold and be sexy with a bra. Once you get the right combination, you will be hotter than fire!