Push Up Bra

The push up bra, yet another men’s favorite bra! It is defined as the sexy bra that provides lift and support to give the busts more fullness, making them look rounder and firmer. A push […]

When to Wear a Balconette Bra

  Unless you are not wearing bras anymore, your lingerie collection is the backbone of your wardrobe that gets worn the most but gets the least love.   Like your other outfit, there’s a bra […]

When to Wear A Push-up Bra

  Fact: Boobs come in different shapes and sizes! Truth: Every pair of boobs is vying for some kind of push-up bra.   For most women, they wish for bigger boobies.   And for most […]

Bra Tips For Petites (Part 2)

  Having pointed out a few common mistakes, the next step towards flattering your chest is bra size measurement. It is not advisable to just measure yourself once and fill your closet space with the […]

Your Must-Haves In Your Intimate Wardrobe

It seems like too much publicity is given to clothes and that fashion tips are usually about how to dress up for a certain occasion, hence making underwear less prominent.