Bra Sizing – It’s Not Just the Cups

  Raise your hand if you have silently felt great wearing the cute and perfectly fitting bra!   Bra sizing is pretty much scientific, nothing artistic but yet, it remains a mystery to many. You […]

When to Wear A Push-up Bra

  Fact: Boobs come in different shapes and sizes! Truth: Every pair of boobs is vying for some kind of push-up bra.   For most women, they wish for bigger boobies.   And for most […]

Cleavage is More Than Just a Line in Between

If a woman’s breasts are the sexiest part of her body, then having an attractive cleavage definitely adds to the charm.   This isn’t another plunge bra post.   There’s a hitch among less busty […]

When Shall I Wear a Plunge Bra?

If you have ever wanted to look stunning in a deep V mini dress like Victoria Beckham with an amazing cleavage, you know the plunge bra is for you!   Plunge bra is made for […]

Sexylicious; the Sexy Bra

  If lingerie is made only for support, you probably wouldn’t have the variety you currently have.   The Sexy Bra, the ultimate sex symbol, is not a defined bra style but more to a […]

Bra Warnings and Precautions

There is definitely no problem at all if you are in your perfect fit but what happens if you are not?   Not only will you be the next fashion victim, wearing a poorly fitted […]

The Perfect Daily Bra Fit

  With the many different features of a bra, it would be rather difficult to determine the best everyday bra. A bra should be a protective layer for your breasts and it should give your […]

Top 3 Most Alluring Bra Colors

3 Pink   Pink lingerie has always had a place in every girl’s wardrobe. The color pink can be comprehended as cute sometimes but there is no doubt that on lingerie, it is a brilliant […]

Top 7 Awful Misconceptions on Wearing Lingerie

  7. I Actually Need a Measurement?! No, you don’t need a measurement, you need MEASUREMENTS! I can’t stress enough that despite your age and your “what-you-think-your-size-is size”, you still need to measure yourself. A […]