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The Industry Shakeup

Tired of how lingerie is depicted in the mass media, 2018 had seen the sales of Victoria’s Secret falling behind new start-ups like Third Love, Adore Me, Lively and Knix. Despite the struggle, Victoria’s Secret is still a behemoth in the undies industry.


The mega brand needs a makeover. It was built around the idea of selling sex and sexy, featuring models with sensual curves and long legs. The fact that Victoria’s Secret is still trying to sell sexy just isn’t working anymore.


Up-and-coming start-ups are more honest in their marketing. Women are seen shunning the stereotypical beauty standards of perfect curves and long legs. Gone are the days when women conformed to the unrealistic standards shown by the media, to only try to fit in the society labeled into certain criteria.


There has been a growing demand for lingerie brands that are more diverse in their styles and designs – beginning with the ones that fit perfectly without creating unrealistic body disproportions.


It’s not always about having big boobs and perky butts.


The year 2019 will see an increased demand for pieces that are more functional and practical without sacrificing style and beauty, yet staying true to oneself. Startups are changing the way lingerie is being worn and breathing new life to what sexy really means.


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