How to Buy Lingerie for My Girlfriend (Part 3)

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How to Buy Lingerie for My Girlfriend (Part 2)

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How to Buy Lingerie for My Girlfriend (Part 1)

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Flaunting Lingerie; when a Little means a Lot

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Be Daringly Sexy

Perhaps global warming has gotten a little more serious that it is taking a toll on the fashion industry as well. Since spring/summer 2011, more and more people are seen parading the streets in clothes […]

How Shall I Wear The Balconette Bra?

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The Wonder Woman: The Wireless Bra

Underwire bra has taken center stage for a long time for its enhancing and support qualities. This has sidelined wireless bras in the lingerie industry. It is not entirely true that in a deadlock between […]

Sexylicious; the Sexy Bra

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Molded Bra vs. Padded Bra

  What is the difference between a molded bra and a padded bra?   Molded Bra   Just to clear the air, a molded bra is a bra with pre-determined cup shapes with a smooth […]