The Bralette

The bralette has long been in the wardrobe, only that it has never been made a priority.   But why should it? It doesn’t push your breasts to make the perfect cleavage, neither does it […]

Unconventional Approach to Lingerie

The lingerie business has long been an industry that has been heavily sexualized where women have been brain washed into believing that there is a need to conform to unrealistic societal beauty standards set by […]

When to Wear A Push-up Bra

  Fact: Boobs come in different shapes and sizes! Truth: Every pair of boobs is vying for some kind of push-up bra.   For most women, they wish for bigger boobies.   And for most […]

How to Buy Lingerie for My Girlfriend (Part 2)

  What’ the Occasion?   Size – checked. Style – checked.   Now that you have what you need to know, you can start hitting the stores. As daunting as it may now seem, shop […]

How to Buy Lingerie for My Girlfriend (Part 1)

  Buying lingerie for your girlfriend sounds daunting. You don’t want to be the creepy guy checking out lace bras and thongs in Victoria’s Secret – the last thing you want to do is to […]

The Wonder Woman: The Wireless Bra

Underwire bra has taken center stage for a long time for its enhancing and support qualities. This has sidelined wireless bras in the lingerie industry. It is not entirely true that in a deadlock between […]

Top 7 Awful Misconceptions on Wearing Lingerie

  7. I Actually Need a Measurement?! No, you don’t need a measurement, you need MEASUREMENTS! I can’t stress enough that despite your age and your “what-you-think-your-size-is size”, you still need to measure yourself. A […]

How to Buy Her Lingerie

  Guys, how does it feel like walking into a lingerie store with your girlfriends? Awkward? Well, I guess it’s alright but what about walking into a lingerie store ALONE shopping for your partner? Perhaps […]