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Lingerie Fabric

Of the many factors which prompt you to buy lingerie, fabric is probably the least important and you may not even be interested in it at all.


Many people give in to style over fabric, that’s completely normal but knowing a thing or two about it is going to help you with your lingerie shopping and care.


Cotton: As you may already be very familiar with, cotton is a common fabric used in most clothing material. Its structure makes it extremely comfortable on the skin, though first time wearers may find it a little strange, and it is machine wash friendly, durable and absorbent. Unfortunately this fabric shrinks easily causing the band to easily ride up your back.


Spandex: This stretchable synthetic fabric popularly branded as Lycra by Dupont® is very much used in lingerie. It is often blended with other materials like cotton and silk adding strength while reducing weight making it a perfect material for sportswear at the same time. With Lycra, your intimates are definitely more durable!


Lace: When spoken of lace, sexiness fills the air. This material is made up of cotton thread and it is extremely seductive with its peek-a-boo designs making it sensually sheer. This material is seen as elegant and grandeur making it popularly colored in red and black.


Silk: Silk; luxury and exclusive. The magic of silk is that it never makes its way out of fashion. This material is undoubtedly lightweight and luxurious and it feels amazing on the skin due to its smoothness. The silk lingerie will never fail to give you the elegant and sexy reputation. However, silk is not as elastic as the other materials so you would want to be careful caring for it.


Polyester: Polyester is getting more and more popular as a sports bra fabric due to its elasticity and flexibility. For these features, you are able to move around more freely without causing any discomfort while giving the necessary support at the same time. This fabric can also be seen in regular everyday bras for the good reasons of machine wash friendly, doesn’t wrinkle much, durable and holds the bra in shape.



Some of the other more popularly used materials are satin which has smooth and glittering finish, viscose, rayon, microfiber and chiffon.