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Flaunting Lingerie; when a Little means a Lot

It seems like more people are wearing loose tops that reveal what they are wearing underneath, although not much, but that little bit is definitely eye catching.


Gone are the days when lingerie is merely for support or just for boudoir purpose. It has come a long way that it is now part of the fashion you wear. While you don’t necessarily walk around in only your intimates, unless it’s sports bra, you could blend what you wear on the inside with what you wear on the outside for a classy finish.



Rising back band and tightly fitted straps; these makes the perfect recipe for an ill fitted bra. It is definitely a fashion disaster too. While you may want to show your bra, there are still ways to do it tastefully.


Summer 2011 spotted a rather new cleavage as it is called where the bra band is showing off big sleeves and armholes. This fashion is when girls wear tops with big armholes exposing the sides of their bras or sometimes they wear nothing at all, which draw unwanted attention.


Revealing the sides of the bras is actually very alluring and seductive when the pairing between top and bra is perfect.


Although it is only that little bit is exposed but it leaves a lot of room for imagination. This fashion catches the eyes and is very sexy so to say. You may not realize it, but this makes you beautiful and elegant.


While this style isn’t seen much anymore, but it certainly was the in thing during its peak.


Do these images bring back memories?