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Bra Warnings and Precautions

There is definitely no problem at all if you are in your perfect fit but what happens if you are not?


Not only will you be the next fashion victim, wearing a poorly fitted bra also comes with health implications which I believe you would want to take note of.


A well fitted bra gives you an upright body posture and does not make you look like your bust line is sinking. Saggy boobs?


The bra straps and band should be snug and are not too tight, with enough room to run two fingers underneath them. Do assure that the bra cups are neither too loose nor tight. You will know that it is the right cup size if there is no space in between your girls and the cup and that there is no spillover. The underwire should also not be cutting into your skin creating imprints around your chest area when you remove your bra.



When it comes to the health of your busts, breast cancer remains the main concern among women!


Thankfully, there’s hasn’t been any scientific proof on the link between underwire bras and the breast cancer. A tightly fitted bra will leave marks on your skin due to the pressure created by the bra on your body. This is very, very unhealthy and damaging.


Tight bras will exert a lot of pressure on the lymph nodes around the breast and armpit area. According to the World Health Organization, excessive chemical toxin is the primary cause of breast cancer. This toxin is naturally drained out through the lymph nodes along the armpit and the nodes along the breast bone by clear lymph fluid. But because these lymphatic vessels are very thin, they are very easily succumbed to pressure by tightly fitted bras.


This causes restriction of the lymph flow therefore making the lymph nodes unable to do what they are supposed to do, i.e. draining the toxins away from the chest area. Detection of breast cancer via self breast examination is through discovering lumps in the breasts. The lumps may actually be lymph fluids that are unable to flow through the vessels as the vessels are compressed and tightly pressed against the body.


Women who go braless have a lower risk of contracting breast cancer. It is advisable to not wear a bra for more than 12 hours. If you didn’t burn your bra in the 60’s, there is no need for you to do so now. If you are uncomfortable going braless, you can still wear a bra that is without underwire. Your ladies will still get the support and enhancement they need so you look beautiful and sexy.


Oh, and by the way, it is not advisable to wear bras to sleep. Sometimes it will be good to let them catch a breath.