Bra Sizing – It’s Not Just the Cups

  Raise your hand if you have silently felt great wearing the cute and perfectly fitting bra!   Bra sizing is pretty much scientific, nothing artistic but yet, it remains a mystery to many. You […]

What is the Best Bra?

….”What is the best bra?”… We get asked this a lot at our fittings; even at times when we’re just chatting with friends. Here’s the idea. There is no best bra. It’s just like asking […]

When to Wear a Balconette Bra

  Unless you are not wearing bras anymore, your lingerie collection is the backbone of your wardrobe that gets worn the most but gets the least love.   Like your other outfit, there’s a bra […]

Bra Sizing Works Like a Scale

An important point when zeroing in on your correct bra size is that when you try on a bra and go one cup size larger, while keeping the band size the same, you are increasing […]

How to Properly Try On a Bra

1.  Wearing a bra is easy, wearing the perfect fit isn’t. 2.  Loosen the straps to the maximum when trying a new bra because you do not know for sure how it fits you. You […]