Balconette Bra

Another piece of lingerie for the voluptuous beauty, the balconette bra, or sometimes known as the balcony bra or demi bra, is a piece of lingerie suitable for various types of apparels. Its low cut […]

When to Wear a Balconette Bra

  Unless you are not wearing bras anymore, your lingerie collection is the backbone of your wardrobe that gets worn the most but gets the least love.   Like your other outfit, there’s a bra […]

Cleavage is More Than Just a Line in Between

If a woman’s breasts are the sexiest part of her body, then having an attractive cleavage definitely adds to the charm.   This isn’t another plunge bra post.   There’s a hitch among less busty […]

How Shall I Wear The Balconette Bra?

Low neckline tops are easy to find and dresses with low and wide neckline are made to flatter your chest area.   It is easy to walk into a boutique and grab your favorite piece, […]

Bra Tips For Petites (Part 2)

  Having pointed out a few common mistakes, the next step towards flattering your chest is bra size measurement. It is not advisable to just measure yourself once and fill your closet space with the […]