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How to Properly Try On a Bra

1.  Wearing a bra is easy, wearing the perfect fit isn’t.

2.  Loosen the straps to the maximum when trying a new bra because you do not know for sure how it fits you. You can always readjust the straps later for a better fit.

3.  Slide your arms through the straps onto your shoulders and bend your body over for your breasts to fall into the cups naturally.

4.  Hook the band together on the last outer most hooks. You would want to make sure that you wear your bra on the loosest hook so as to lengthen the lifespan of the bra.

5.  Using the scoop method, slip your hands into the cups and lift your breasts from the bottom to align them with the bra cups.

6.  At this point the straps may already have fallen off so put them back on your shoulders and readjust them separately. As most women do not have breasts of the exact same size, your strap adjustment may not be the same as well.

7.  Adjust it to the point where it does not fall off your shoulders. It is not necessary to tighten it so much that it leaves marks on your shoulders. After all, the straps only provide 20% of the support.