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How to Buy Her Lingerie


Guys, how does it feel like walking into a lingerie store with your girlfriends? Awkward? Well, I guess it’s alright but what about walking into a lingerie store ALONE shopping for your partner? Perhaps that would not be too bad if you already have in mind what you want so you could grab and run as fast as you could.


What if you don’t? But you wanna see your girl in that sensual and seductive underwear! Try asking the saleslady on the different lingerie styles and shapes, and the sizes and the magic each piece of lingerie could do. Just by having the thoughts of doing this, have you gone bananas already?


Here’s what you should do.


Do you know her size?


No? Check her closet. Check out the tag of her bra. You will see some numbers and those indicate the bra size. It’s not mission impossible but just try not to get caught; you wouldn’t wanna spoil the surprise would you?


Or maybe bring along a piece of her lingerie to the store; they can help you sort this out. If this is not an option, all you have left to do is to measure her.


It would be better to get her current size as a woman needs an average of 5 different bra sizes because breast size changes due to many factors. Maybe she gained weight because of the chocolate you got her, or maybe she lost weight to look good for you. It could be menstruation and the many other factors.