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Different Panty Types


So what is a beautiful piece of bra if it is not paired with a sexy panty? Panties, generally, are not as complicated as bras. Sizes come in small, medium and large. Pretty easy isn’t it? Yea you bet it is!


A piece of panty isn’t just to cover or protect the girl’s V but it also speaks of her personality. Lingerie has evolved so much that today, in the 21st century, it’s not just about providing support and protection and all those… you know, it’s fashion!


So panty, or panties, however you wanna call it, have different styles as well. Here are just a few I would like to share with you.




Talking about being skimpy and sexy, the thong is one of the sexiest underwear around. It is more daring as it shows more skin (Her posterior). You’ll probably be thinking “what’s the difference between a thong and a G-string?” There isn’t actually a difference. A G-String is actually a thong and there different types of thongs other than the G-String are the Tanga, Rio and T-Back.


Apart from Tanga, the other 3 are almost similar.


Generally a tanga thong has a little more fabric, although it exposes the butt cheeks. Apart from sex appeal, thongs are also great for eliminating visible panty lines.




This is the old classic, which is also called granny panty, which provides comfort and coverage for every woman with a full bottom. It is an amazing everyday panty, even celebrities are embracing them. These days, its designs are almost limitless. Have fun choosing!


Boy shorts


Boy shorts are getting popular these days, closely surpassing the fame of G-strings and bikinis. It cuts straight across the top and the bottom but high, perfect for teasing and leaves much room for imagination. This panty creates the illusion of looking ultra sexy and naughty without putting much effort.




Bikini panty, not to be confused with those worn on the beach, is quite a popular choice. It offers more coverage compared to thongs but a little less if compared to briefs. This particular style comes in both high and low cat, but the low one is more popular (especially for men), and it usually has fair coverage in the front and back but cuts high at the sides similar to those on the beach. One word for this piece; SEXY~!




As the name suggests, this type of panty does not create visible panty lines that could destroy the beauty of what is worn on top of the panty.


These are a handful of the many styles that are available in the market. With the wide range of styles, it doesn’t quite make sense to confine yourself to only a certain styles; you are worth more than that. Have a variety, spice up your life!