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Cleavage is More Than Just a Line in Between

If a woman’s breasts are the sexiest part of her body, then having an attractive cleavage definitely adds to the charm.


This isn’t another plunge bra post.


There’s a hitch among less busty girls when they do not have enough volume to pull off that tube dress for a nice cleavage. This is something you should pay attention to.


It is extremely important to have a smooth contour from the upper chest area all the way to the bottom of the breast for a more balanced look.


I’ve picked some images where a smooth contour can be helpful.


Even if you may not have the volume, you still shouldn’t sacrifice a beautiful smooth contour or a cleavage just to fit in a tube dress or anything that reveals your upper chest.


Lingerie, even in its early days, is intended for breast enhancement so there should be no excuse why you should not be looking great in a low cut dress. What’s more when you are now in the 21st century with the never ending selections of bra styles?


With the right fit, you can still look gorgeous in a strapless gown even if you have less volume. How about a balconette bra to begin with?

Still don’t trust me? Compare Paris Hilton in bandeau and in other clothes.