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Push Up Bra

The push up bra, yet another men’s favorite bra! It is defined as the sexy bra that provides lift and support to give the busts more fullness, making them look rounder and firmer. A push up bra basically creates deep valley cleavages by giving extreme support from the bottom of the cup giving the breasts more a natural physical shape.


The magic of a push up bra is that it “highlights” the breasts.

There is no doubt that the push up is amazing for those with smaller busts. A push up can help to lift and also make them look curvier. It is generally more popular among small to average cup sizes due to their bust enhancing and cleavage creation features.


Small busts will need a more heavily padded push up to increase the volume of the breasts and create cleavage at the same time.


For a medium sized woman, it is not necessary to wear a heavily padded push up bra. Instead, look for one which gives support at the bottom of the bra to give the breasts a natural lift and a killer cleavage.


Busty chests can enjoy the benefits of a push up as well but avoid padded ones and opt for those that give the right amount of support to create the lift without increasing bust volume.


Push up bras come in many different styles and fashion. Be sure to pick the right one!


Do not confuse the push up bra with the padded bra.


The difference between the two is that a push up is padded at the right positions giving the busts more lift and cleavage whereas a padded bra is just padded to enhance the size of the breasts; it doesn’t emphasize much on lifting and creating cleavages.

for them girls what is what

T-Shirt Bra

The T-shirt Bra is the ideal bra for t-shirts and there is no doubt that it is a must have in every lingerie closet. It is seamless and contoured letting your t-shirt run smoothly down from your chest all the way to your waist without any unwanted designs or bumps showing through your t-shirt. It is designed so delicately to minimize bra visibility hence giving you the smooth contour your have always wanted.


The fabric disappears under the clothing and it also has the excellent material that prevents the nipples from showing.


The main feature of the T-shirt bra which is its smooth contour makes it ideally great for everyday use without meddling with your overall look. You now have more reasons to put on a tight fitting top!


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Balconette Bra

Another piece of lingerie for the voluptuous beauty, the balconette bra, or sometimes known as the balcony bra or demi bra, is a piece of lingerie suitable for various types of apparels. Its low cut and square neckline feature allow the wearer to wear this bra with any low cut dress.


It gives the breasts the support and upward lift needed to unleash their captivating bust lines and to give the corseted impression as it adds to the volume.


Some balconettes have push-up pads as well for the extra lift. To add to the excitement of the ambience, a matching pair of balconette bra and panty can do the trick!

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Plunge Bra

As the name implies, the Plunge Bra is fashioned with a low front and plunges down to the centre which creates and enhances a woman’s cleavage (this probably is one of men’s most favorite) by lifting and at the same time separating the breasts.


The low centre front pushes the breasts not only inwards but upwards creating a marvelous cleavage. Hence this creates a fantasy of bigger boobs!


Different from the push up bra that holds the breasts up which then makes it less convenient for deep V tops, a plunge bra gives a great cleavage and lift only that it’s of a lower cut.


This is probably the greatest bra created to enhance a woman’s femininity.  A plunge bra is designed for low cut tops so the fabric of the bra is not seen protruding from the blouse. It is perfectly worn with V-necks or any tops with plunging necklines.

This bra is amazing especially for those with small cup sizes and also those with smaller body frames because it provides the necessary lift creating the illusion of bigger breasts and amazing cleavage. This is probably why plunge bras are so popular. It is an ideal bra for breast reshape and cleavage.


A plunge bra gives a woman an amazing shape and a stunning silhouette giving them greater confidence and a sexier look.


What body shape is suitable?


Pear and boyish shaped body figures are best clad in padded plunge bras as they enhance cleavages creating an impression of a well proportioned body shape between the bust and the womanly hips.


Hourglass bodies are best suited in lightly or non padded plunge bras so as to remain the hourglass in its proportion without knocking the busts out of its perfect dimensions.


Due to the more rounded mid section of the apple shaped bodies, a sexy cleavage from the plunge bra will draw the attention from the waist to the breasts.

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Lingerie Fabric

Of the many factors which prompt you to buy lingerie, fabric is probably the least important and you may not even be interested in it at all.


Many people give in to style over fabric, that’s completely normal but knowing a thing or two about it is going to help you with your lingerie shopping and care.


Cotton: As you may already be very familiar with, cotton is a common fabric used in most clothing material. Its structure makes it extremely comfortable on the skin, though first time wearers may find it a little strange, and it is machine wash friendly, durable and absorbent. Unfortunately this fabric shrinks easily causing the band to easily ride up your back.


Spandex: This stretchable synthetic fabric popularly branded as Lycra by Dupont® is very much used in lingerie. It is often blended with other materials like cotton and silk adding strength while reducing weight making it a perfect material for sportswear at the same time. With Lycra, your intimates are definitely more durable!


Lace: When spoken of lace, sexiness fills the air. This material is made up of cotton thread and it is extremely seductive with its peek-a-boo designs making it sensually sheer. This material is seen as elegant and grandeur making it popularly colored in red and black.


Silk: Silk; luxury and exclusive. The magic of silk is that it never makes its way out of fashion. This material is undoubtedly lightweight and luxurious and it feels amazing on the skin due to its smoothness. The silk lingerie will never fail to give you the elegant and sexy reputation. However, silk is not as elastic as the other materials so you would want to be careful caring for it.


Polyester: Polyester is getting more and more popular as a sports bra fabric due to its elasticity and flexibility. For these features, you are able to move around more freely without causing any discomfort while giving the necessary support at the same time. This fabric can also be seen in regular everyday bras for the good reasons of machine wash friendly, doesn’t wrinkle much, durable and holds the bra in shape.



Some of the other more popularly used materials are satin which has smooth and glittering finish, viscose, rayon, microfiber and chiffon.



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Molded Bra vs. Padded Bra


What is the difference between a molded bra and a padded bra?


Molded Bra


Just to clear the air, a molded bra is a bra with pre-determined cup shapes with a smooth contour. Because of the smooth surface of the cup, it is gaining popularity as it does not create visible lines under t-shirts and fitting tops.


The molded cup is usually a piece of synthetic fabric molded over heated breast shapes to give the bras a defined shape. To give the cup a little more strength and to avoid the peek-a-boo effect, a second layer is sometimes added.


Molded bras are usually seamless but if there is any, it is for additional support. Due to its predefined shapes, you would find that the bra is not able to give you the full coverage and you may experience excessive skin if you have wider busts. A molded bra is great for breasts that are not of the same sizes. As molded bras have predefined shapes, it could give you a more symmetrical, smoother and fuller look.


Padded Bra


A padded bra is simply defined as a bra that is padded to flatter your busts by giving you the necessary lift. Examples of padded bras would be the push up bra, the plunge bra and the balconette bra.


These bras have different pad structures which give your body different effects according to the effect you desire. Padded bras are usually for enhancing breast sizes and creating cleavages. The right amount of padding could give you a more naturally enhanced and rounder look.

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What is the Difference between Molded Cups and Contour Cups?


This is probably the biggest confusion in the lingerie industry.


Molded cups and contour cups may seem similar but there is a slight difference which puts them apart.


Molded cups are predetermined cup shapes of synthetic fabric stretched over heated breast molds which would create those shapes. Usually, a second layer is then added for opacity so it does not become a see through and for the added strength. Putting the two layers together, it will then be sewn into a frame.


Molded cups that are designed for smaller bust sizes are usually seamless but you may also find seams for the larger sizes as seams could help to add support. This is actually perfect if you would want to don on something which feels really light on you and best of all, you may look and feel as if you are not wearing anything at all due to the absence of extra padding which contributes to its feather weight.


Get it?


As it is thin and light, this is perfectly fitted for women with larger busts sizes.


The difference between a molded cup and a contour cup is that a contour cup has a thin layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of fabric which eliminates nipple see through and it creates a specific shape to your body.


This is sometimes called the rigid molded cup. Like a molded cup (a contour cup is actually a variation of the molded cup) it makes you look more rounded and uplifted giving you a desirable shape.


Contour bras are usually referred to as t-shirt bras by retailers. The T-shirt bra, being the most suitable everyday bra, is seamless with a thin foam layer just for the sake of preventing the nipple from poking through. Conversely, a contour bra can be seamless or with seams to give the extra support.


The additional foam in this bra helps to add volume to your busts. This makes contour cups perfect for women with smaller busts sizes to help create the illusion of a bigger bust line.

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Different Panty Types


So what is a beautiful piece of bra if it is not paired with a sexy panty? Panties, generally, are not as complicated as bras. Sizes come in small, medium and large. Pretty easy isn’t it? Yea you bet it is!


A piece of panty isn’t just to cover or protect the girl’s V but it also speaks of her personality. Lingerie has evolved so much that today, in the 21st century, it’s not just about providing support and protection and all those… you know, it’s fashion!


So panty, or panties, however you wanna call it, have different styles as well. Here are just a few I would like to share with you.




Talking about being skimpy and sexy, the thong is one of the sexiest underwear around. It is more daring as it shows more skin (Her posterior). You’ll probably be thinking “what’s the difference between a thong and a G-string?” There isn’t actually a difference. A G-String is actually a thong and there different types of thongs other than the G-String are the Tanga, Rio and T-Back.


Apart from Tanga, the other 3 are almost similar.


Generally a tanga thong has a little more fabric, although it exposes the butt cheeks. Apart from sex appeal, thongs are also great for eliminating visible panty lines.




This is the old classic, which is also called granny panty, which provides comfort and coverage for every woman with a full bottom. It is an amazing everyday panty, even celebrities are embracing them. These days, its designs are almost limitless. Have fun choosing!


Boy shorts


Boy shorts are getting popular these days, closely surpassing the fame of G-strings and bikinis. It cuts straight across the top and the bottom but high, perfect for teasing and leaves much room for imagination. This panty creates the illusion of looking ultra sexy and naughty without putting much effort.




Bikini panty, not to be confused with those worn on the beach, is quite a popular choice. It offers more coverage compared to thongs but a little less if compared to briefs. This particular style comes in both high and low cat, but the low one is more popular (especially for men), and it usually has fair coverage in the front and back but cuts high at the sides similar to those on the beach. One word for this piece; SEXY~!




As the name suggests, this type of panty does not create visible panty lines that could destroy the beauty of what is worn on top of the panty.


These are a handful of the many styles that are available in the market. With the wide range of styles, it doesn’t quite make sense to confine yourself to only a certain styles; you are worth more than that. Have a variety, spice up your life!