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How to Buy Lingerie for My Girlfriend (Part 3)


Though it may seem like you go through a lot of emotional ups and downs to find the right fit, but it’s not as frightening as you think it is.


Here are some quick tips.


For the newlyweds on a romantic honeymoon, here are some pieces you could go for. (click on the images to the link)


Have you ever thought that birthday gifts can be playful as well?


If you have been buying the usual romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day, you might want to change a little this year.


And Christmas doesn’t have to be boring!



You’re welcome!

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How to Buy Lingerie for My Girlfriend (Part 2)


What’ the Occasion?


Size – checked. Style – checked.


Now that you have what you need to know, you can start hitting the stores. As daunting as it may now seem, shop with the end goal in mind and don’t be embarrassed. After all, the last thing you want to ruin is the surprise you have planned so long for.


As style matters, think of the occasion you are buying for. Did you just plan for a honeymoon in a hotel away from the city? Or are you just getting naughty?


Whatever it may be, different occasions call for different pieces. A good point to note is that women need at least 5 different bra styles in her closet.


If you have something planned for Valentine’s Day, something with lace will spice up the mood. If you’re celebrating her birthday and you want to give her something she can wear often whether to work or an outing with her girlfriends, something plain is a safe option. You can opt for black push up bra that gives her that added edge to complement her overall look.


Colours do make a difference too.


Lingerie is a whole lot of emotions and personality combined. Women do not settle for the idea of wearing just about anything that fits.


What she wears on her body is a representation of who she is. Sophisticated women tend to opt for dark but often times shiny shades. You will not go wrong with black and white if you are a first timer.


You could opt for brighter colours if she’s more of a jovial, outgoing, adventurous person. Try experimenting with pink, yellow and light blue. These are generally fun colours to go with.


Sales people can be helpful, but are they?


You may seem to get a lot of help from the sales people in the store since you might see them as being more experienced than you are.


But just because they have been wearing them doesn’t make them experts in knowing what you want, let alone letting them decide what your girlfriend should wear.


Considering that you already know what you want, run through your requirements with them and all they should be doing is to bring your desired pieces to you, not the ones they think your girlfriend likes.


When you are being approached, tell them about the size, styles and you can even tell them the occasion so they can give you some ideas too. Don’t be afraid to walk out politely if you do not like their available options. Move on to the other stores, you will definitely find the right one.


But if you are intimidated by the experience


Perhaps all you want to do is to shop online.

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How to Buy Lingerie for My Girlfriend (Part 1)


Buying lingerie for your girlfriend sounds daunting. You don’t want to be the creepy guy checking out lace bras and thongs in Victoria’s Secret – the last thing you want to do is to appear shy and grabbing something lightning fast to avoid embarrassment and end up spoiling the experience you’ve planned so hard for. Here’s how to do it right.


Get the Right Size


This is a tricky one as most women may be self-conscious about how they look. If you get this wrong, nothing else will make it right. If you buy a size too big, she’ll probably feel insulted (she may think you call her fat). If it’s one size smaller, she’ll feel bad when trying to fit herself in because you make her think she’s actually smaller than what she is.


See, buying a bra isn’t just transactional, it is an emotional thing. Same goes to wearing it.


It has to feel good.


Ideally, you will have to do a quick check on the size she’s been wearing. Fret not, it’s on the labels stitched onto the bra. While you may not know, sizes can also vary from one brand to another – especially if the brands are from different parts of the world!


Know Her Style


Rummaging through her closet may not be a good idea but you could offer to do laundry. Offering to do laundry has an advantage because it gives you a picture of her lingerie pairing with what she will usually wear. Pick up those hints and make mental notes as you go through that pile of lingerie. You will find really good clues.


For the more simple, not fashion conscious guys whose idea of shopping is usually bulk purchasing plain grey t-shirts and jeans from your neighbourhood retail store, then understanding her style can be a little too much to ask for.


If that’s you, you can always focus on what you want as a gauge. A gift of lingerie can be seen selfish so you may want to present it well. What it means is that you need to find the perfect balance between what you want with what she usually wears.


If most of what she wears is plain single tone full cup bras, you can push the boundary a little with lace full cup bra. Not too daring yet not too conservative. But if you’re accelerating from plain boy shorts panty to a crotchless lace panty, you are definitely in trouble.

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This is how You can measure Her

This is how You can measure Her


This is the basic anatomy of a bra that you should know before shopping for one.

Now let’s get started with a soft tape.

This is the first measurement you would want to take. It is just underneath her bust line. Don’t go too tight on it; just make sure it’s nice and firm. Hold it parallel straight across her torso while she exhales.


You would then take the tape and measure the fullest part of her bust in her best fitting bra, make sure it’s not an ill fitted one. Make sure the tape is not too tight for comfort.


After getting this measurement, subtract the number you get with the band size. Every number is ONE cup.


As modern bras are more elastic, it is not really necessary to add inches to the measure. You could round it up to the next even number and I won’t encourage adding inches to band measurement because it is usually inaccurate and that’s something you want to avoid.


So assuming her bust measurement is a 33, you subtract that with the 32 you got earlier and she’s an A Cup!


So what happens if what you measure is not what she usually wears? Don’t worry, 85% of women wear the wrong bra size.


Here’s how you can be an expert.


The support comes from the BAND, not the straps. The straps only provide about 10% of the support and its main function is to keep the bra in place.


How can you tell if she has been wearing the wrong sizes?


Make sure the centre panel (the piece between the cups) touches the skin. Check and see if there are any bra imprints on her skin. A well fitted bra should, of course fit, not leave any marks on the skin when it’s removed.


These are some simple tips you can share with her.


  • If the band rides up high, it means the band size is too big.
  • If the band cuts into the skin creating marks over her bra area, the band is too small.
  • If there is any room between the cup and the bust, the cup is too big.
  • If there is any spillage or excessive skin from the cups, it only means the cup is too small.
  • Make sure her straps are well adjusted so they don’t cut into her skin. They don’t have to be of an equal length, just as long as she’s comfortable.


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Top 7 Fatal Mistakes Men Make When Buying Lingerie


7. Being the Shy Boy

“How am I ever going do this?!” sounds familiar? Have you ever wanted to get your girlfriend a piece of lingerie but you never had the guts to shop for it? If you want to surprise her, you bet it’s worth walking into that lingerie store and get her something nice. Don’t be shy, you are not the only guy who walks through that door to do some female underwear shopping. After all, you get to see her wearing it, right?


6. Shopping without Shopping

So you muster your courage, you walk through that door feeling a little bashful. Shopping is called shopping for a reason. Since you have made up your mind, it doesn’t hurt to look around at the different types of lingerie in the store. Choosing one that’s expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Remember, it’s the results that matter, not the process!


5. Playing the Guessing Game

A for Lemon, B for Orange… No, B for Bra Sizes! Yes, that’s right and that’s exactly what I am saying. There is no way you can guess her bra size or equate it to some fruits (I’m not saying it’s wrong but it’s just very vague) when shopping for her. Don’t guess her size, ask her! You can check her closet and if it doesn’t work, you can bring her lingerie to the store and let them help you out with the size.


4. Unflattering sizes

Getting her the wrong size for Valentine’s is as good as buying her nothing. Wearing a poor fitting bra not only has concerns over health issues but it makes the wearer uncomfortable and unflattering. It could also create unnecessary visible bra cups and straps over her blouse.


3. Making her a Porn Star

Here’s a pointer; the lingerie is for HER, not for YOU! When deciding on what to buy, never ever get your inspiration from your favorite adult film stars. Your girlfriend isn’t one of them. Also, less fabric doesn’t mean it’s cheaper, I know what you are thinking of *grin* She wouldn’t be too flattered to know that you want her to dress like a porn star. Instead, get her something comfortable and nice.


2. Undesirable styles

A piece of lingerie is not just for support. There are many different styles other than just the Push Up. If you have no idea, read the rest of the blog. Take your time and do your research, buy something which suits her personality. You’ll know it’s worth it when you see that smile on her face.


1. Mismatching Fashion

There’s the bra and the panty and there is certainly no reason to mismatch them. Buy a complete set instead. Well, after all I am pretty sure you wouldn’t want her to think you got them from a cheap sale do you?

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What is Her Style?


Are you ready for shopping? Have you gotten her measurements?


If you don’t, steal her underwear!


Do you already know her style? What is she?

  • Flirty?
  • Or is she hot in silk?
  • Sophisticated?
  • Simple but sexy?
  • Or is she simply classy?
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How to Buy Her Lingerie


Guys, how does it feel like walking into a lingerie store with your girlfriends? Awkward? Well, I guess it’s alright but what about walking into a lingerie store ALONE shopping for your partner? Perhaps that would not be too bad if you already have in mind what you want so you could grab and run as fast as you could.


What if you don’t? But you wanna see your girl in that sensual and seductive underwear! Try asking the saleslady on the different lingerie styles and shapes, and the sizes and the magic each piece of lingerie could do. Just by having the thoughts of doing this, have you gone bananas already?


Here’s what you should do.


Do you know her size?


No? Check her closet. Check out the tag of her bra. You will see some numbers and those indicate the bra size. It’s not mission impossible but just try not to get caught; you wouldn’t wanna spoil the surprise would you?


Or maybe bring along a piece of her lingerie to the store; they can help you sort this out. If this is not an option, all you have left to do is to measure her.


It would be better to get her current size as a woman needs an average of 5 different bra sizes because breast size changes due to many factors. Maybe she gained weight because of the chocolate you got her, or maybe she lost weight to look good for you. It could be menstruation and the many other factors.