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Bra Tips for Petites


Breasts to a woman are the most feminine part of her body. For centuries, cleavage display has been a symbol of sexual and physical attractiveness.


Most women have spent their lives worrying that their breasts may be too small to even be close to being attractive. Thinking that they have small boobs, they are often feeling insecure due to the lack of the “ATTRACTIVE” and “FEMININE” factors.


Well, yea… unfortunately guys do fascinate big boobs… but only when they are with their friends. When they are with their friends, it could just be a conversation starter. But in reality, they don’t really care.


Pretentious? Maybe.


Going under the knife?


While many have thought of implants, you just shouldn’t waste your money on that. If you are in for a serious relationship, you will eventually find a dude who accepts you for everything you are – and that includes your boobies.


But if you just want to look good, there are other ways as well.


Wear the Perfect Fit


Flattering your breasts is not about wearing a larger cup size, a perfect bra fit is the only solution! You wouldn’t want to add to the already long fashion disaster list.


The perfect cup lies flat on your body creating a smooth contour from your body to the cup without any visible gap in between the cup and the skin.


The Red Flags


Another common mistake to look out for is tight bra straps.


If the straps are too tight, you will notice strap marks on your skin when you remove your bra. Also, pay attention to the gap between the straps to the skin area above your busts, it could be a sign of tight bra straps.


This usually happens when you tighten the straps on a wrong cup size to fit the breasts for a full coverage.


This is an awful mistake and just as you think nobody sees it; it shows on your clothes.


Well, going under the knife is not the only solution.