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Your Must-Haves In Your Intimate Wardrobe


It seems like too much publicity is given to clothes and that fashion tips are usually about how to dress up for a certain occasion, hence making underwear less prominent.


Because of marketers, lingerie is often seen as something of sex appeal as though the purpose of wearing one is the please the eyes of lookers, unconsciously overlooking its importance in enhancing one’s overall image.


As much effort as you put in choosing the most unique piece of dress to suit your personality, choosing lingerie is not of any less important.


Most people choose the color, uh uh honey, wrong move. It’s not just about the color, the style of the support, a piece of well fitted bra gives you the shape you desire making you more beautiful and desirable than you think you are. Plus, it could draw the attention you have always wanted.


Strapless Bra

This is ultimately a need in your closet. As it has no straps, a well fitted piece worn together with a beautiful piece of strapless dress not only draws attention to your bust area but also brings out and enhances your beauty.

Sexy Bra

As the trend is shifting towards a rather see-through and peek-a-boo fashion, sexy or sheer bras are perfect for these transparent clothing. Black bras are usually sexy, topped with details and lace; it could well turn into a masterpiece of alluring and sexy lingerie.

Sports Bra

It is impossible to do doing hard physical activity without proper support for the bust. The creation of sports bra is a brilliant invention that looks after your breasts and it also looks great without any clothing covering it.

Seamless Bra

Seamless bra is specially engineered without the visible bulging stitches to give the busts a perfectly rounded look and it works even better without hard wired cups to eliminate visible cup outlining when you don on tight clothing. It should not have any lace or decorations so as not to defeat the purpose of the bra.

Plunge Bra

The plunge bra is one of the most feminine bras in the line. Because of its plunging feature, it enhances your cleavage and lifts your busts at the same time making you look more feminine and sweet.


These 5 styles are generally good to go with most fashion clothes. Have fun in some me time with a little mix and match and the results you achieve from this will be mind blowing.

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Different Panty Types


So what is a beautiful piece of bra if it is not paired with a sexy panty? Panties, generally, are not as complicated as bras. Sizes come in small, medium and large. Pretty easy isn’t it? Yea you bet it is!


A piece of panty isn’t just to cover or protect the girl’s V but it also speaks of her personality. Lingerie has evolved so much that today, in the 21st century, it’s not just about providing support and protection and all those… you know, it’s fashion!


So panty, or panties, however you wanna call it, have different styles as well. Here are just a few I would like to share with you.




Talking about being skimpy and sexy, the thong is one of the sexiest underwear around. It is more daring as it shows more skin (Her posterior). You’ll probably be thinking “what’s the difference between a thong and a G-string?” There isn’t actually a difference. A G-String is actually a thong and there different types of thongs other than the G-String are the Tanga, Rio and T-Back.


Apart from Tanga, the other 3 are almost similar.


Generally a tanga thong has a little more fabric, although it exposes the butt cheeks. Apart from sex appeal, thongs are also great for eliminating visible panty lines.




This is the old classic, which is also called granny panty, which provides comfort and coverage for every woman with a full bottom. It is an amazing everyday panty, even celebrities are embracing them. These days, its designs are almost limitless. Have fun choosing!


Boy shorts


Boy shorts are getting popular these days, closely surpassing the fame of G-strings and bikinis. It cuts straight across the top and the bottom but high, perfect for teasing and leaves much room for imagination. This panty creates the illusion of looking ultra sexy and naughty without putting much effort.




Bikini panty, not to be confused with those worn on the beach, is quite a popular choice. It offers more coverage compared to thongs but a little less if compared to briefs. This particular style comes in both high and low cat, but the low one is more popular (especially for men), and it usually has fair coverage in the front and back but cuts high at the sides similar to those on the beach. One word for this piece; SEXY~!




As the name suggests, this type of panty does not create visible panty lines that could destroy the beauty of what is worn on top of the panty.


These are a handful of the many styles that are available in the market. With the wide range of styles, it doesn’t quite make sense to confine yourself to only a certain styles; you are worth more than that. Have a variety, spice up your life!

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What is Her Style?


Are you ready for shopping? Have you gotten her measurements?


If you don’t, steal her underwear!


Do you already know her style? What is she?

  • Flirty?
  • Or is she hot in silk?
  • Sophisticated?
  • Simple but sexy?
  • Or is she simply classy?
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How to Buy Her Lingerie


Guys, how does it feel like walking into a lingerie store with your girlfriends? Awkward? Well, I guess it’s alright but what about walking into a lingerie store ALONE shopping for your partner? Perhaps that would not be too bad if you already have in mind what you want so you could grab and run as fast as you could.


What if you don’t? But you wanna see your girl in that sensual and seductive underwear! Try asking the saleslady on the different lingerie styles and shapes, and the sizes and the magic each piece of lingerie could do. Just by having the thoughts of doing this, have you gone bananas already?


Here’s what you should do.


Do you know her size?


No? Check her closet. Check out the tag of her bra. You will see some numbers and those indicate the bra size. It’s not mission impossible but just try not to get caught; you wouldn’t wanna spoil the surprise would you?


Or maybe bring along a piece of her lingerie to the store; they can help you sort this out. If this is not an option, all you have left to do is to measure her.


It would be better to get her current size as a woman needs an average of 5 different bra sizes because breast size changes due to many factors. Maybe she gained weight because of the chocolate you got her, or maybe she lost weight to look good for you. It could be menstruation and the many other factors.