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The Bralette

The bralette has long been in the wardrobe, only that it has never been made a priority.


But why should it? It doesn’t push your breasts to make the perfect cleavage, neither does it support you with wires and don’t even get started on feeling as though you are even wearing anything on your skin.


And those are the reasons it is now becoming a hit among women.


Bralettes are two pieces of cloths stitched together offering little to no support, and they are flimsy with minimal padding. The innocent second choice is fast becoming popular for the comfort it provides and will at some point, have higher demand compared to the long reigning push up bra.


The bralette is taking the world by storm. Its promise of comfort that comes with style that is personal to every woman who wears one is the reason for its popularity.


Unlike traditional bras that come in complex sizes, bralettes are often in simple S,M and L sizes which could fit into just about everyone. This is the go to bra style especially for those who have disproportioned band and cup sizes.


Some say they feel naked with a bralette because they don’t feel anything on their skin. Perhaps, it is not for everyone. To decide if it is for you, the best thing to do is to try one.


DM us on our range of bralettes and you’ll be surprised by how you feel in one.


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Unconventional Approach to Lingerie

The lingerie business has long been an industry that has been heavily sexualized where women have been brain washed into believing that there is a need to conform to unrealistic societal beauty standards set by lingerie brands.


In all ads we used to see, there was never once did we not want to look like the models. Curvy silhouette, perky boobs and hot asses; almost everyone had that thought. Being sexy was about wishing we could have that attention seeking photoshopped figure, which pretty much remained a wish.


Fast forward into 2019, there has been an outbreak in the industry on how consumers are buying lingerie. Wearing a bra used to be about accentuating the breasts, giving them much attention and pushing them as high as the bra can possibly support. Wires were a thing then but going wire free is the thing now.


This has been a year for liberation. It is completely unconventional and unique – and big brands did not see this coming. Women are letting themselves off the hook and are being themselves, not who the lingerie companies want them to be.


More and more consumers are becoming more comfortable being who they are. Wire free, practical, unrestrictive, i-don’t-care-what-people-say; these are now priorities when it comes to lingerie shopping. We don’t live in that fantasy anymore, welcome to 2019.

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What’s Hot Today

More and more people are looking for functional and comfortable lingerie. As an extended part of the body, bras should feel light on skin without any restrictions. Worse, flashing red marks on skin after a long day in a bra. While push-up bras are still in demand, wireless options have seen much growth in sales in 2018 driven by younger customers.


The increase in active lifestyles has also contributed to the sales in nonrestrictive lingerie pieces as compared to the earlier years where women were more inclined towards looking sexy and seductive. The push-up feature is on a decline as compared to the styles that offer comfort and functionality.


The long established sexualized image of lingerie is taking a hit from the younger consumers. Wearing bra is still very much a personal affair where everyone who wears one feels differently. Consumers are shifting from the cleavage enhancing pieces to those that make them feel good about themselves.


The lingerie industry is set to grow to $59 billion market by 2024 from $38 billion in 2017, tastes change too. This change is bringing a whole new level of sexy to the industry. While being sexy isn’t limited to just having big boobs and perky butts, being comfortable and confident in one’s body is what being sexy is about.


Read our story to see how our brand inspires women to be comfortable in their own bodies.

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The Industry Shakeup

Tired of how lingerie is depicted in the mass media, 2018 had seen the sales of Victoria’s Secret falling behind new start-ups like Third Love, Adore Me, Lively and Knix. Despite the struggle, Victoria’s Secret is still a behemoth in the undies industry.


The mega brand needs a makeover. It was built around the idea of selling sex and sexy, featuring models with sensual curves and long legs. The fact that Victoria’s Secret is still trying to sell sexy just isn’t working anymore.


Up-and-coming start-ups are more honest in their marketing. Women are seen shunning the stereotypical beauty standards of perfect curves and long legs. Gone are the days when women conformed to the unrealistic standards shown by the media, to only try to fit in the society labeled into certain criteria.


There has been a growing demand for lingerie brands that are more diverse in their styles and designs – beginning with the ones that fit perfectly without creating unrealistic body disproportions.


It’s not always about having big boobs and perky butts.


The year 2019 will see an increased demand for pieces that are more functional and practical without sacrificing style and beauty, yet staying true to oneself. Startups are changing the way lingerie is being worn and breathing new life to what sexy really means.


Check out our fitting room for our new collections from time to time.

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Push Up Bra

The push up bra, yet another men’s favorite bra! It is defined as the sexy bra that provides lift and support to give the busts more fullness, making them look rounder and firmer. A push up bra basically creates deep valley cleavages by giving extreme support from the bottom of the cup giving the breasts more a natural physical shape.


The magic of a push up bra is that it “highlights” the breasts.

There is no doubt that the push up is amazing for those with smaller busts. A push up can help to lift and also make them look curvier. It is generally more popular among small to average cup sizes due to their bust enhancing and cleavage creation features.


Small busts will need a more heavily padded push up to increase the volume of the breasts and create cleavage at the same time.


For a medium sized woman, it is not necessary to wear a heavily padded push up bra. Instead, look for one which gives support at the bottom of the bra to give the breasts a natural lift and a killer cleavage.


Busty chests can enjoy the benefits of a push up as well but avoid padded ones and opt for those that give the right amount of support to create the lift without increasing bust volume.


Push up bras come in many different styles and fashion. Be sure to pick the right one!


Do not confuse the push up bra with the padded bra.


The difference between the two is that a push up is padded at the right positions giving the busts more lift and cleavage whereas a padded bra is just padded to enhance the size of the breasts; it doesn’t emphasize much on lifting and creating cleavages.

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T-Shirt Bra

The T-shirt Bra is the ideal bra for t-shirts and there is no doubt that it is a must have in every lingerie closet. It is seamless and contoured letting your t-shirt run smoothly down from your chest all the way to your waist without any unwanted designs or bumps showing through your t-shirt. It is designed so delicately to minimize bra visibility hence giving you the smooth contour your have always wanted.


The fabric disappears under the clothing and it also has the excellent material that prevents the nipples from showing.


The main feature of the T-shirt bra which is its smooth contour makes it ideally great for everyday use without meddling with your overall look. You now have more reasons to put on a tight fitting top!


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Balconette Bra

Another piece of lingerie for the voluptuous beauty, the balconette bra, or sometimes known as the balcony bra or demi bra, is a piece of lingerie suitable for various types of apparels. Its low cut and square neckline feature allow the wearer to wear this bra with any low cut dress.


It gives the breasts the support and upward lift needed to unleash their captivating bust lines and to give the corseted impression as it adds to the volume.


Some balconettes have push-up pads as well for the extra lift. To add to the excitement of the ambience, a matching pair of balconette bra and panty can do the trick!

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Plunge Bra

As the name implies, the Plunge Bra is fashioned with a low front and plunges down to the centre which creates and enhances a woman’s cleavage (this probably is one of men’s most favorite) by lifting and at the same time separating the breasts.


The low centre front pushes the breasts not only inwards but upwards creating a marvelous cleavage. Hence this creates a fantasy of bigger boobs!


Different from the push up bra that holds the breasts up which then makes it less convenient for deep V tops, a plunge bra gives a great cleavage and lift only that it’s of a lower cut.


This is probably the greatest bra created to enhance a woman’s femininity.  A plunge bra is designed for low cut tops so the fabric of the bra is not seen protruding from the blouse. It is perfectly worn with V-necks or any tops with plunging necklines.

This bra is amazing especially for those with small cup sizes and also those with smaller body frames because it provides the necessary lift creating the illusion of bigger breasts and amazing cleavage. This is probably why plunge bras are so popular. It is an ideal bra for breast reshape and cleavage.


A plunge bra gives a woman an amazing shape and a stunning silhouette giving them greater confidence and a sexier look.


What body shape is suitable?


Pear and boyish shaped body figures are best clad in padded plunge bras as they enhance cleavages creating an impression of a well proportioned body shape between the bust and the womanly hips.


Hourglass bodies are best suited in lightly or non padded plunge bras so as to remain the hourglass in its proportion without knocking the busts out of its perfect dimensions.


Due to the more rounded mid section of the apple shaped bodies, a sexy cleavage from the plunge bra will draw the attention from the waist to the breasts.

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My Boobs Bounce in Bralettes


One of our clients found it awkward when she wore a bralette for the first time. The fit was perfect when she tried it. It had the right support at the right areas. The only problem was that she didn’t feel good wearing them.


Like most ladies, she was obsessed with the elegance of a bralette but was skeptical about her boobs bouncing all over the place. Well, here’s the problem. Switching from an underwire full cup padded bra to a bralette feels incredibly uneasy at first. It’s as though you are not wearing anything at all!


She felt as though her boobs were left hanging without any support and they just bounced like there was a party in her undergarments. What she didn’t realize was the red marks left imprinted on her skin after decades of being restricted in hard underwire bras and tightened straps.


Being supported is different from being restricted and restricting your body in underwire and tight straps in decades can do some serious health damage.


Bralettes have a reputation of being lesser than a “real” bra – but what the heck?! They don’t have perfectly molded cups to hold your boobs but that doesn’t mean they don’t support. Bralettes are more casual than basic bras; they also fit your busts perfectly without any spillage, providing style, comfort and support.


Not only being less restrictive, bralettes are fashion icons themselves. Come in different styles, bralettes complement and coordinate with your outfit almost flawlessly.


A quality bralette gives you a flattering silhouette many women may have overlooked. Do you realize how many people have boobs looking odd because they don’t check themselves in the mirrors? You won’t fall victim to that wearing a bralette.


Let your body breathe sometimes – they don’t want to be chocked in underwires and tight straps. Wearing the right fit will make you feel a whole lot sexier and you will be amazed by how confident you actually feel about yourself.


Trust the experts!

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No Boobs too Small for Bras


We get this a lot. “My boobs are so small I don’t need a bra.”


Should you go completely braless? Maybe not. However small your breast tissue may be, there is still breast tissue. If eye bags can sag, why can’t your breast tissue?


Even if you are completely idle, gravity will still pull them down. The point is, in most situations when you are on the move, your small boobs jiggle – even when you are only walking from one point to another.


Women with small boobs often can’t fill a cup hence it leads to frustration and ditching the bra altogether but it comes with its fair share of limitation as well. Sometimes, you may just want to wear a thin white tee on a blazing summer day without feeling exposed.


While most of the time it’s about covering the nipples on the small boobs, you need a certain degree of support too.  As far as support for small boobs goes, wearing a bra keeps your boobs in place and in sync with the movements of your body because even the smallest amount of breast tissue will sag. You will still want to be feeling body positive even as you age. Also, you wouldn’t want your nipples to chafe on your clothes.


You do not have to be digging into underwires and push up bras. Bralettes are ideal for small boobs. They’re comfortable and they give your boobs the flattering shape they deserve. The last thing you want is to look disproportionate or awkward in a badly fitted bra.


If you wear a quality bra in the right size, you can wear whatever you want without feeling exposed, improves breast health and kick your confidence into high gear. After all, lingerie should be fun, empowering and makes you feel amazing about yourself rather than stressing you out.