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Am I Wearing The Wrong Bra Size?


You are probably wondering which group you belong to.


Are you one of the 80% who wear the wrong bra size or the 20% who wears the perfect fit?


Here are some signs you can look out to when wearing bra


  • If the band rides up high, it means the band size is too big.
  • If the band cuts into the skin creating marks over the sides and back, the band is too small.
  • If there is any gap between the cup and the bust, the cup is too big.
  • If there is any spillage or excessive skin from the cups, it is obvious that the cup is too small.
  • Make sure the straps are well adjusted so they don’t cut into your skin. They don’t have to be of an equal length, just as long as you are comfortable.


Check out for these signs and see if you are wearing the right size. Till then, I’ll see you in the perfect fit!