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Pregnant and Hot


Pregnancy is one of the most important parts of a woman’s life. Jaimelonjoie believes that a pregnant woman should not be deprived of looking sexy even as the tummy grows. If you are expecting a baby, you can still look great in your body.

At about 16 weeks, you will notice your breasts outgrowing the fashion bras in your wardrobe. This is when you have to shop for maternity bras. These bras are designed to accommodate the growth of your breasts so it’s advisable to refrain from wearing underwire bras to allow your ladies to grow.

Here’s what you should do.

Choose the ones with wide bands and straps to support growth and 100% cotton maternity bras are most comfortable.

Basic bra fitting is still necessary during pregnancy so don’t forget to do that.

Remember, there’s no reason to sacrifice your glamour and grace although your usual fashion bras may not fit you for now. Get the sexy designs; you don’t have to settle for the boring nude colored maternity bras.

Have a safe delivery and enjoy your new adventure!

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3 Sexiest Bra Styles


3. Plunge Bra


The Plunge Bra is without a doubt the bra that every woman should have for its alluring feature. Its deep V feature (sometimes a U) plunges down your breasts while giving the significant lift to work its magic. It is perfectly worn with low neckline tops to avoid looking distasteful and disastrous with visible bra cups. Though it doesn’t work like a push up bra but it could give you the cleavage you have always desired and best of all, it makes you look youthful and sensual.


2. Strapless Bra


Having bra straps slipping off your shoulders can be annoying and leaves you frustrated. Bet the last thing you want to do is to adjust the straps all the time. The Strapless Bra is an amazing piece that is suitable for all occasions, needless to say, for clothes that reveal your shoulders and those with thin straps. It could also go with an evening gown if you choose not to go braless.


1. Lace Bra


A lace bra isn’t actually a bra style but a design or detail on the bra – but I think it’s worth mentioning it here. It could be an ordinary full cup, pushup cup and any other bras in the market. Some lace bras have a little see through effect, sort of a peek-a-boo for you. It is the first bra that comes to mind as the sexy bra. Made to be seen, a lace bra is the perfect undergarment to pair with transparent fabric creating a sexy and irresistible you.