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Be Daringly Sexy

Perhaps global warming has gotten a little more serious that it is taking a toll on the fashion industry as well. Since spring/summer 2011, more and more people are seen parading the streets in clothes with less fabric. Although global warming is not to be blamed, sheer fashion is no doubt sexy as it honors lingerie in its most flirtatious manner.


Depending on the look you want and the style of the blouse, sheer tops work with most types of lingerie styles. Being almost transparent, the challenge is at finding the perfect harmony between the top and the lingerie to bring out the best of both pieces.



Spotting a bandeau is alright but watch out as it could also make you look flat and plain, pretty much without the sexy factor. This is still worth trying if you are uncomfortable showing off your unmentionables in public.



Sheer fashion does leave room for imagination and it can also make you look sensual and seductive, perfect for a sexy look.


However, if you choose to wear another layer of clothing beneath the sheer top (or you want to wear nothing at all) you can too but you can always be bold and be sexy with a bra. Once you get the right combination, you will be hotter than fire!