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What is the Difference between Molded Cups and Contour Cups?


This is probably the biggest confusion in the lingerie industry.


Molded cups and contour cups may seem similar but there is a slight difference which puts them apart.


Molded cups are predetermined cup shapes of synthetic fabric stretched over heated breast molds which would create those shapes. Usually, a second layer is then added for opacity so it does not become a see through and for the added strength. Putting the two layers together, it will then be sewn into a frame.


Molded cups that are designed for smaller bust sizes are usually seamless but you may also find seams for the larger sizes as seams could help to add support. This is actually perfect if you would want to don on something which feels really light on you and best of all, you may look and feel as if you are not wearing anything at all due to the absence of extra padding which contributes to its feather weight.


Get it?


As it is thin and light, this is perfectly fitted for women with larger busts sizes.


The difference between a molded cup and a contour cup is that a contour cup has a thin layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of fabric which eliminates nipple see through and it creates a specific shape to your body.


This is sometimes called the rigid molded cup. Like a molded cup (a contour cup is actually a variation of the molded cup) it makes you look more rounded and uplifted giving you a desirable shape.


Contour bras are usually referred to as t-shirt bras by retailers. The T-shirt bra, being the most suitable everyday bra, is seamless with a thin foam layer just for the sake of preventing the nipple from poking through. Conversely, a contour bra can be seamless or with seams to give the extra support.


The additional foam in this bra helps to add volume to your busts. This makes contour cups perfect for women with smaller busts sizes to help create the illusion of a bigger bust line.