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What’s Hot Today

More and more people are looking for functional and comfortable lingerie. As an extended part of the body, bras should feel light on skin without any restrictions. Worse, flashing red marks on skin after a long day in a bra. While push-up bras are still in demand, wireless options have seen much growth in sales in 2018 driven by younger customers.


The increase in active lifestyles has also contributed to the sales in nonrestrictive lingerie pieces as compared to the earlier years where women were more inclined towards looking sexy and seductive. The push-up feature is on a decline as compared to the styles that offer comfort and functionality.


The long established sexualized image of lingerie is taking a hit from the younger consumers. Wearing bra is still very much a personal affair where everyone who wears one feels differently. Consumers are shifting from the cleavage enhancing pieces to those that make them feel good about themselves.


The lingerie industry is set to grow to $59 billion market by 2024 from $38 billion in 2017, tastes change too. This change is bringing a whole new level of sexy to the industry. While being sexy isn’t limited to just having big boobs and perky butts, being comfortable and confident in one’s body is what being sexy is about.


Read our story to see how our brand inspires women to be comfortable in their own bodies.

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How Shall I Wear The Balconette Bra?

Low neckline tops are easy to find and dresses with low and wide neckline are made to flatter your chest area.


It is easy to walk into a boutique and grab your favorite piece, but the ultra turn off problem is when you wear it and noticing that bits of your bra cup are showing. Not cool.


If that happens, you are probably wearing a full coverage bra which definitely is not suitable for a dress like this.


The beauty of the balconette bra lies in its semi coverage cups that provide enough support for your busts. Much support is concentrated at the bottom of the cups giving them an upward lift while moving them towards the center for a fuller look making you look more youthful.


This bra cup design eliminates cup coverage at the upper areas of your breasts and creating a fuller figure and enhancing your cleavage at the same time.


A little precaution is necessary if you do not have broad shoulders as the balconette bra comes with a set of bra straps that are wide apart. Should the straps slip off your shoulders easily, you may want to opt for a strapless balconette bra.


This bra works perfectly well for small to medium busted figures. As the bra promotes fuller busts at the upper area of the chest, big busted ladies may end up having an overflowing look resulting from this bra.


If low neckline dresses top your favorite list, a balconette bra is a MUST HAVE in your lingerie closet!

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When Shall I Wear a Plunge Bra?

If you have ever wanted to look stunning in a deep V mini dress like Victoria Beckham with an amazing cleavage, you know the plunge bra is for you!


Plunge bra is made for cleavage. Period. It has a uniquely designed cleavage enhancing feature and this piece of lingerie should NEVER, and I mean NEVER be interchanged with an ordinary padded push up bra. Otherwise, you will have the weirdest bust line ever.


As this bra is specially engineered to give cleavage, it works primarily by pushing the fats on the sides on your busts to form the cleavage. Hence, it has soft and padded cups to complement the contour of your breasts.


Do pay attention to the centre gore as well. Try the different centre gore lengths depending on the separation of your breasts. If your breasts are widely separated, you may want to try one with a longer centre gore but if that does not give you your desired cleavage, you could try the shorter one but never force yourself into the bra. Vary between cup and band sizes as well.


With a Plunge Bra, you can never go wrong!

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What is the Difference between Molded Cups and Contour Cups?


This is probably the biggest confusion in the lingerie industry.


Molded cups and contour cups may seem similar but there is a slight difference which puts them apart.


Molded cups are predetermined cup shapes of synthetic fabric stretched over heated breast molds which would create those shapes. Usually, a second layer is then added for opacity so it does not become a see through and for the added strength. Putting the two layers together, it will then be sewn into a frame.


Molded cups that are designed for smaller bust sizes are usually seamless but you may also find seams for the larger sizes as seams could help to add support. This is actually perfect if you would want to don on something which feels really light on you and best of all, you may look and feel as if you are not wearing anything at all due to the absence of extra padding which contributes to its feather weight.


Get it?


As it is thin and light, this is perfectly fitted for women with larger busts sizes.


The difference between a molded cup and a contour cup is that a contour cup has a thin layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of fabric which eliminates nipple see through and it creates a specific shape to your body.


This is sometimes called the rigid molded cup. Like a molded cup (a contour cup is actually a variation of the molded cup) it makes you look more rounded and uplifted giving you a desirable shape.


Contour bras are usually referred to as t-shirt bras by retailers. The T-shirt bra, being the most suitable everyday bra, is seamless with a thin foam layer just for the sake of preventing the nipple from poking through. Conversely, a contour bra can be seamless or with seams to give the extra support.


The additional foam in this bra helps to add volume to your busts. This makes contour cups perfect for women with smaller busts sizes to help create the illusion of a bigger bust line.

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Top 3 Most Alluring Bra Colors

3 Pink


Pink lingerie has always had a place in every girl’s wardrobe. The color pink can be comprehended as cute sometimes but there is no doubt that on lingerie, it is a brilliant display of femininity and innocence.  Although a pink bra may not necessarily give you that naughty look, but it can surely attract attention with the right blend of feminine aura and charm bringing out the sweet princess in you.


2. Red

The devilish red or the seductive red bra, whatever you may call it, it is designed to kill. The color red on lingerie is an empowering color which enhances your body figure giving you the sensual erotic outlook. Red lingerie is one of the hottest and sexiest which drives men crazy just by looking at you in it. It can make your man go wild and at the same time get highly romantic. It is amazing how a piece of red lingerie can be so dramatic and tempting, filling the room with passion and excitement.


1. Black

Just one word – STUNNING. Black is simply everyone’s favorite. Black lingerie is simply captivating in its own rights. If you are looking for lusciously sexy yet highly sophisticated lingerie, black is simply the color of your choice. As feminine as you can look in black lingerie, you are at the same time classy and seductive. This color can also give you the hot femme fatale look leaving you sexy and alluring!

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Top 7 Awful Misconceptions on Wearing Lingerie


7. I Actually Need a Measurement?!

No, you don’t need a measurement, you need MEASUREMENTS! I can’t stress enough that despite your age and your “what-you-think-your-size-is size”, you still need to measure yourself. A woman’s breasts change in size due to various different factors like menstruation and pregnancy. It is important to have yourself measured to get the perfect fit. Ill fitted bras have negative effects on your health, but if you are not concerned over health I’m pretty sure you want to look beautiful, right?


6. Comfortable Bras are Perfect Fits

It’s not surprising anymore to hear women say their bras are the perfect fit just because they are comfortable in them. Reminder; 80% of women wear the wrong bra size! What you think is comfortable could most likely be the wrong fit. You may want to check out for some signs that you are wearing the wrong size.


5. One Perfect Fit is ALL I Need

Because a woman’s body changes due to factors like weight loss and weight gain, pregnancy etc. you will need an average of 5 different sizes in your closet. Have yourself measured from time to time. Your self esteem will skyrocket if you look pretty; you bet it’s worth the effort!


4. Lingerie is Only for Support

Perhaps you grew up having told that you need bras to support your ladies. Well, that is probably because lingerie back during your mother’s youthful days had yet to recognize fashion. But today, in the 21st century, lingerie is no longer about giving you support but the perfect fit is able to enhance your body figure and it is a fashion piece you can be proud of!


3. So I have the Push Up Bra and the Sports Bra and…. What else do I need?

This is actually very common misconception among women that there are only limited styles of bra to choose from. In fact, there are more than just the Push Up and Sports Bra. If you need to enhance your cleavage, why not try out a Plunge Bra instead? And if you want to accentuate your busts, there is the Balconette Bra. Don’t limit yourself, confidence knows no limits!


2. Discounts, Discounts and More Discounts! I Love Discounts!

There is absolute nothing wrong being price conscious but being too conscious can be a bad thing. Good bras do not necessarily have to be expensive but good bras certainly come with a price. After all, there is a lot of work involved in making a good one. Don’t be like everyone else – if you find one that fits you well, you know it’s worth the price!


1. Boutique Shopping Vs Mall Shopping

If you have ever wondered why shop in standalone boutiques when you can have a plethora of selections in just one place, the supermarket! Supermarkets and departmental stores usually offer mass produced lingerie for the masses. Hence, finding one which fits you perfectly would be a tough job. Specialty stores selling ONLY lingerie are very much specialized and professional. Visit one and you are sure to find the right one.

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Top 4 Unflattering Lingerie Faux Pas You Most Probably Want To Avoid


The not-so-glamorous visible bra

If done it right, the visible bra that’s underneath your t-shirt can actually make you very sexy – so much that you become irresistible! The problem is many people just don’t check themselves in front of the mirror. You wouldn’t want to be in the limelight for the wrong reasons. Be the Fashion Queen, not the fashion victim!


Bra Straps are NOT Accessories

Bra straps only provide 20% of the support, because 80% of the support comes from the band, and to keep the bra in place. Straps can be a double edged sword. If you do it tastefully with the right decorative designs, it adds to your character. If you don’t, you become a disaster. If you are wearing a tank top or something that reveals the strap, opt for a strapless bra to be safe – hmm how do you think Ivanka Trump did?


I think I’m SEXY

Having bra straps falling off ALLLLL the time is not sexy, it’s embarrassing. You might do it unintentionally but the next time you wear a bra, do ensure the straps are snugged – unless you are Jennifer Aniston.


I am Fashionably Fashionable

No doubt lingerie has evolved to be a fashion piece nowadays but revealing your bra the wrong way is not fashionable. If you wear something that shows off your bra, I suggest get a sexy bra – if you insist, at least get the fit right. Not only you’re fashionable, you are hot and sexy as well! This chick should consider a Racerback, or best if she doesn’t wear anything inside!


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Am I Wearing The Wrong Bra Size?


You are probably wondering which group you belong to.


Are you one of the 80% who wear the wrong bra size or the 20% who wears the perfect fit?


Here are some signs you can look out to when wearing bra


  • If the band rides up high, it means the band size is too big.
  • If the band cuts into the skin creating marks over the sides and back, the band is too small.
  • If there is any gap between the cup and the bust, the cup is too big.
  • If there is any spillage or excessive skin from the cups, it is obvious that the cup is too small.
  • Make sure the straps are well adjusted so they don’t cut into your skin. They don’t have to be of an equal length, just as long as you are comfortable.


Check out for these signs and see if you are wearing the right size. Till then, I’ll see you in the perfect fit!