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Top 4 Men’s Favorite Lingerie



4. Corset

The corset has long been men’s favorite since the beginning of time. Not Queen Catherine’s corset but lingerie corset has been associated with eroticism as an intimate lingerie perfect for seduction. Corset is a symbol of female sexuality and men love it when the ladies get naughty in them. The reason a corset is such a big turn on for men is because it is designed in a way to accentuate a woman’s breasts and give her a smaller waistline. It is usually paired with panty hose which enhances the female sexuality.


3. Babydoll

One of the most tantalizing negligees would easily be the baby doll. Some men may not typically like this piece of lingerie because it makes their girls look fat and they make them look like they are pregnant. Baby dolls are usually wrapped tight and snug around a woman’s busts and then left dangling down with a slit from the middle of the chest to the waistline. As a baby doll is usually see-through, there is no way men will not fall for a piece of lingerie that is so sexy and seductive.


2. Shelf Bra

If you are thinking what’s with men and their obsession with boobs, well, science says it allows men to live longer. Shelf bras are just like shelves with your busts resting on them therefore revealing your nipples. It will not be uncomfortable considering bras are designed for comfort. It feels like your breasts are being supported by a pair of hands while exposing your nipples. Men actually find it really hot.



1. Sheer Lingerie


See through and transparent – it’s every man’s favorite! In fact, the more transparent it is, the more they like it. With little to cover up, you leave a lot of room for imagination.