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The Wonder Woman: The Wireless Bra

Underwire bra has taken center stage for a long time for its enhancing and support qualities. This has sidelined wireless bras in the lingerie industry. It is not entirely true that in a deadlock between Wired vs. Non Wired, the former gets better support while the latter gets none.


The popularity of wired bras has way surpassed that of non wired bras for the simple reason that the underwire gives a significant lift to your boobs projecting an illusion of more voluminous assets and a more alluring figure.


The non wired bra is usually misinterpreted as the bra that does not provide adequate support. This was probably true when this bra type was first launched but it has taken a wave of change in the 21st century. Due to its wireless feature, this bra is a soft cup bra but some are reinforced with seams and wider straps to cater to the larger bosoms.


Without a doubt, the wire free bra does provide comfort more than a wired bra could ever offer. It would be an amazing bra for sizes not larger than a B cup. The absence of wires underneath the cups makes you feel as though you are not wearing anything at all and you could wear this bra style to bed should you not feel comfortable exposing your ladies to your pajamas.


A very general comparison between wired and non wired bra would be:


The Underwire Bra


·        Has a metal strip inserted underneath the bra cups for more support and lift

·        Gives you a fuller figure

·        Makes you sexy and alluring


·        Metal wires could dig into your skin for various reasons causing discomfort

·        Wires squeezing against the body could do serious health damage

·        Unnecessary bumps and bulges along the bra area


The Wireless Bra


·        Absence of metal strips gives you timeless comfort; the ultimate freedom

·        Feels as though you are not wearing anything

·        Eliminates restriction of movements especially when exercising

·        Falls perfectly into your curves and contour


·        Provides minimal support, not quite suitable for big bust and less firm busts

·        Succumbs to the gravity



Despite the pros and cons of both styles, it all boils down to your own preference and the comfort each style gives when you are wearing it. Don’t just settle for one, get both and you will know which works best.


Happy shopping!

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The Perfect Daily Bra Fit


With the many different features of a bra, it would be rather difficult to determine the best everyday bra. A bra should be a protective layer for your breasts and it should give your body the necessary support.




By wearing it as a protective layer certainly does not mean that it should function like a shield hence you should not feel like how you feel when wearing a helmet – and that means feeling restrictive.


It should be gentle on your body, comfortably caressing and loving your body; as though it’s not even there! Unfortunately, the reality is usually not as ideal as what we would want it to be.


Although there isn’t a particular bra style that could be an ideal everyday bra but there sure are some features that you would want to look out for. Fashion bras are designed for leisure and play so you are sure to find the right one for your body.


What makes a great everyday bra is one that you are comfortable in which you can go almost everywhere in. A piece of comfortable everyday intimate clothing is usually seamless which lays flat and smooth on your skin. It should be light, soft and gentle.


It can be molded if you prefer a slight assistance to give you some shape or unmolded if the pre-determined cups do not fit – heard of athleisure?


Non padded and non wired bras are usually more suitable as an everyday bra. The absence of pads and underwire would leave your body feeling more comfortable as pads are designed to give you the busty lift while underwire is for extra support (the support comes mainly from the bra band).


Your perfect daily intimate clothing could be of any style, whether it is a full cup bra or a balconette style, it is entirely up to your preference. If you want it to go perfectly with most types of clothes, you would want to pick colors that are not too sharp. Consider nude and beige, or a black if you want to look sexy and classy.


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