Our Story

We founded jaimelonjoie (jay-mi-lawn-jwa) to inspire women to be confident in their own bodies. Our one of a kind approach aspires to give you a different perspective on how lingerie can work for you, and how the right fit will kick your confidence into high gear.

The feeling is unparalleled. It’s exquisite. It’s unique.

It’s life changing as we made it. Our concept has inspired people to express themselves in a way they have never had, fearing that they would be labeled misfits.

With every unique piece of lingerie that fits, our customers connect with their true selves and shine with confidence from within, and look beautiful in their own rights.

Our co-founders came up with this idea when wanting to help men buy lingerie for their girlfriends but then swayed when they found out women are wearing the wrong sizes, and are not happy with how they look. Together, they took a different approach – lingerie is not just about the sex appeal, rather it is more emotional than it is visual.

It’s an experience unique to every individual. If you have always wanted to be yourself and look good being who you are, jaimelonjoie is for you.


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